Adshel Immerse ensures maximum impact and talkability by entertaining and engaging audiences with stand-out concepts and formats. We don’t just put your brand in front of people – We Immerse them in it!


    Unleash your creative concept and create a memorable brand landscape with Adshel Immerse Panorama. You’ll enjoy amazing flexibility, proximity and reach with a powerful format that’s as big as a billboard at eye-level. Or engage your audience with Adshel Live Panorama. Wrap an entire bus shelter containing a digital screen and utilise all six creative rotations on that screen exclusively. Panoramas are available across key high dwell time CBD locations.


    Storytelling can make your communications more impactful, memorable and engaging. Adshel consecutive dominates the streetscape with multiple, successive panels. It’s a great opportunity to showcase targeted creative and brand-building campaigns.


    We thrive on creativity. So whether you’ve got a big idea, a small project or something totally out of the ordinary, we can help make it happen! See your creative concepts come to life and create a truly memorable experience with Adshel special builds