Each year, every employee of Adshel is allowed to donate to a charity of their choice and in 2016 Adshellians donated over $22,000 to various charities across Australia and New Zealand.

That’s a pretty good effort, but the giving didn’t stop there… Adshel also donated more than 4,325 panels to charities over the last 2 years to help charities maximise their presence using out-of-home media.

And if THAT’S not enough we also have one day in the year where we can volunteer our services to a charity for a day – whether it’s spending time with disadvantaged kids or looking after rescue animals, at Adshel we like to think we’re doing our bit.

SPCA New Zealand

The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a voluntary organisation which, through our 46 SPCA Centres across the country, provides help to animals and owners 24 hours a day, seven days a week, although the public should expect only genuine emergencies to be dealt with outside normal working hours.

Our mission is to advance the welfare of all animals in New Zealand by:
• Preventing cruelty to animals
• Alleviating suffering of animals
• Promoting our policies through education and advocacy

Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Since 1910 extraordinary New Zealanders have been volunteering their weekends to patrol New Zealand beaches. Whether patrolling swimming areas or rescuing in heavy surf, every Surf Lifeguard knows the powerful motivation of saving or protecting a life. It’s a motivation that marks Surf Life Saving as more than just ‘something to do’ at the weekend. In it for Life.

Surf Life Saving New Zealand is the national association representing 74 Surf Life Saving Clubs in New Zealand who patrol in over 80 locations throughout the New Zealand summer months.

Surf Life Saving New Zealand is a non-for-profit charity that is protecting our community in the water. A donation to Surf Life Saving will make sure our lifeguards are on patrol with the right equipment to save lives this summer.